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Why Choose Us?



Because we care!  


We take that extra time to get to know your cat and treat them like part of the family.  


Your loved one will get that scratch behind the ear, a gentle massage around their shoulders and down their spine.  Some grooming and brushing, and given free time to stroll around or sit in the sun.


Does your cat play ball?  Or would rather stretch out on the couch?  And if your feline friend is just that little bit shy, we endeavour to make them as comfortable as possible and take a soft, gentle approach to helping them settle in.


We specialize in long term stays.  We love it - because we really get to know your furry friend.  Whether you are going on a big trip overseas, or taking the caravan away for the winter, going to hospital, visiting family and friends, or just taking the family away for a well earned holiday.  Rest assured that your cat will be well cared for.  You can have peace of mind and know that your moggy will be safe and happy when you are away.  


We also take care of all travel arranements if your cat needs to go either interstate or overseas.  We make it easy for you, by making all the arrangements and caring for your cat until they travel.