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What you need to do?

The Main Things -

  • All catteries and cat boarding facilities are required to ensure your cats health while staying with them and part of this process is by having your cat immunized and maintaining their flea and worm treatments.
  • Have your cat immunized by your vet yearly.
  • This vaccination card or document must be sighted before checking in, and it is as easy as taking a photo and sending it to us, or emailing a copy when you make your booking. 
  • Also keep all your worm and flea receipts with the vaccination card, to provide proof that your cat is in tip top condition. Some people have the vet complete their cats flea and worm treatments –  again it’s imperative that this information is supplied when checking in. Otherwise, we will flea and worm for you.
  • Bring something from home that has that lovely homey scent and maybe a favorite toy.  You can bring their favorite bed or scratching post.
  • We also need to know your cat’s dietary requirements, their surroundings have changed, lets not change their diet as well. Just like at home they can enjoy their normal breakfast and dinner.

What little quirks does your cat have?

  • Are they shy?
  • Do they like to play ball?
  • Help us to care for your feline friend by giving us information on your cat's personality, likes and dislikes.  What is normal your your fur friend may not be for someone elses, your information helps us so much.
  • Do they have any health issues? All this information helps us make your cats stay all that much better.
  • Don’t touch their back?
  • Loves a scratch on the belly?

Again, this info helps us to care for your cat properly

Let us love your cat too, when you can'

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