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About Us

This is a family based business and we love cats. Well, also have dogs, horses, goats, rabbits, - you get our drift. We care. Every cat has it's own identity and personality, they have likes and dislikes, and we respect that.  We engage with your cat, we pat it and brush it, and really try to go that one step further than just being a cattery, or cat boarding facility.


Situated on a quiet 20 acres, we provide a caring, warm environment for your loved feline friend when you cannot be with them. That means you can holiday interstate or travel overseas and your cat will be cared for.


They will be warm, dry, and well fed. Enjoying the same meals they get at home, as if they were there with you.


Kind words, loving pats and cuddles are essential. They will get a scratch under the chin, rubbed behind the ears, a gentle massage, free time and be tucked up at night.


You can rest easy because your feline friend is being cared for emotionally as well as physically. They're not only being fed, but loved!


When you can't be there, let us provide a caring environment for your cat.  We treat your cat like our own! Isn't that the way it should be.


Call or Text - Cats In Boes now on 0425 854 055